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Sat, Aug 19, 2017

Tekno’s strategy is a bit confusing. The singer lives to release music, and he drops it with abandon. Every new month comes with a new single, and a video.

First this year was ‘Yawa’, which was released in March. And then on his social media pages, there was a full-on promotion for a single named ‘Go’. Banners were created, the hashtags rang in with abandon, and everyone who followed him across social media channels anticipated a new release.

Tekno - Yawa

But ‘Go’ did not come. Instead a below-par single, ‘Be’ was released with little fanfare. That single failed to command any promotional budget, and it sank deep in the pile of forgotten singles. This was in April, approximately a month after ‘Yawa’ dropped. May went by without any activity. ‘Yawa’ had received its video, and it had begun to pick in the streets.

But Tekno still continued his sprint towards new music. And now a new one is out. It is titled ‘Samantha’, and adds to the long list of women who have graced Tekno’s music. The others were Monica, and Folake, Nneka, Grace, Aishat, Chioma, and more.

Samantha’ still sticks to the formula that has made Tekno such a strong force. He is still working with producer Krizbeatz, who was responsible for the uber-successful ‘Pana’.

The drums are mellow, the beat is nice, the words are simple, and the bounce is amazing. For effect this time, Tekno bites of Akon’s classic ‘Nobody wanna see us together’. The entire record has that drawn-out feel, which would make you fall in love with multiple listens. It’s another gem.

With ‘Samantha’ Tekno increases his singles count in 2017 to 4. That’s not a strategy, it’s a madness!

Tekno is at the peak of his powers now. He has people eating out of his hands. The fans are on his wave, and he is feeding them with new music. And while it all feels good now, and the cash is flowing, he shouldn’t forget that somewhere in his list of tasks to achieve in 2017 is an album.

Releasing singles with abandon is great, but he needs an album.


That strategy might have worked well with immense benefits, but it ultimately hurts him. It takes away money from him. Tekno continues to lose out on the lucrative streaming revenue that comes from owning an album.

This is the age where digital stores have become a blessing to the lives and pockets of top musicians. The more material you have, the richer you become.

But the real argument for Tekno here is growth. The singer was angered in 2016 when the Headies placed him in the Next Rated category.


But it is a fair evaluation of his status. He is yet to have an album, and so, he cannot be regarded as anything bigger than an emerging artist. He is holding himself back.

For the fans, a Tekno album will bring about more relativity and connection. A body of work will take away pressure for Tekno to rework his formula for new singles. It will allow him express himself in more creative ways, and give him something to tour with.

Tekno is currently a successful artist due to his singles. But an album will consolidate that, and take his business to higher levels.

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