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Sat, Jul 22, 2017


Nigeria music industry have revolve with time, change upon change, we have witness skills, talent in display, ranging from different genre of music from hip hop, Rnb to classic music afro pop and afro hip hop etc Nigeria music industry has witness different face/artist that has inspire others and change they way nigerian music was. Some of these artist have inspire a lot of young talented artist that we see in the industry, people like Ice prince, M.I, olamide, Davido, Wizkid etc

Music is life according to some people while others see music as food to the soul.
Nasarawa State entertainment industry
Nasarawa state Music industry has witness transformation for some decade now. The music industry that was know to be dominated by local traditional songs, local Gospel singers that has dominate the industry. The music industry has seen different artist, some have come and gone in recent time the industry is growing with young upcoming artist from the gospel/Circular hip hop and Rnb singers, the likes of Jeffry Joe, Godnewz, priceless, Clamzy boss and Ozee Mc Rolex, xtrovee, F2, Ellah, whyte and others.
The music industry has also feature successful artist in the industry like Ozee, Mc rolex , which has being the pushing force for Young upcoming artist in the state. The Music industry has also witness the likes of Xtrovee, whyte, Ella jaydanitto and many more.
The music industry has also feature different group across the state..groups like F.O.G (fear of God) F.B.C (Fresh Boyz city), G4-da-bishop swan Music #teamidefine and many more they are trying their best to bring Joy and happiness to the people of the State.

Genesisofrhymes, phatboi, former Tazu Record label producer JAWHBOI which is now sign into BASELINE record label owned by former EME singer SKALES and many more upcoming producer like young G, JIMMY etc. The Music industry has also feature artist from and within the state, artist like JESSE JAGE of CHOC-CITY, B.O.C, MORELL and many more

Support/record label
The state has witness low support coming from and within the state. The lack of record label to sign and promote upcoming artist financially has made the Quality/taste of good Music very low there by leading people not to appreciate the effort made by this upcoming artist.

The Media house also have not being helpful in given this upcoming artist a voice/opportunity to be hard by the people.

The artist
*lack of Originality/creativity
*lack of quality content

*lack of Originality/creativity.
A wise man once said that
“In other to use your head you have to go out of your mind”. Creativity is what makes an artist to stand out, to be unique, to be different. thinking out of the box put you in line as an artist.
lifestyle should reflect in the style of your music instead of lies, people wants to see originality in delivering of music. Put creativity into your style of music, its makes you different from that of others, originality has to start with the beat to the content for an upcoming artist.

*lack of quality content
(Artist, comedian/Mc )
Content delivering is an important aspect of music/lyrics, Quality is probably the most important aspect of your music. Most upcoming artists have no idea of quality. Their rhymes are crappy, their mixing and mastering sucks and their overall music just doesn’t sound professional. Quality content put you on the limelight, its makes you stand out and unique among others. Upcoming artist are know for the use of ready made beat / the use beat of song that has made a hit forgetting that people won’t pay much attention to what he/ she is saying since the know the songs and maybe in love with it. Quality Is important and the easiest way to stand out and make a serious impression is to step up and handle your audio quality. Get yourself a studio with a decent condenser microphone, a better sound card and find someone who will mix and master your songs at least semi-professionally. If you sound professional, people will think you are professional.

Due to the revenue the music industry is generating and due to the fact that friends can influence anybody, Doesn’t mean you can just save a little money for recording, walk into the studio and just say anything he/she feels like.
As an upcoming artist you need to ask yourself questions like that of

You need to ask questions? you need to research more but what we see is fear of committing all to the industry for those with the skills/talent is either they don’t take time to research more in their field to know more and work towards it or the just believe it comes when ever the like.

Genre is one importance aspect of consider when starting a music
Upcoming artist should Know the genre they want to follow and carefully select they one that will project them into the limelight not to do a genre because their friends are doing it or because their role model is doing same we all have our place of success.

The industry is only willing to accept people that are ready to give their all not for some that are only doing it for the fun of it or for popularity or for they sake of the name and money at that time

-Late coming to show
As an upcoming artist punctuality is very important and makes your fans and organizers feel important

-Quality production
-Lack of equipment(dj,)

Therefore as an upcoming artist in the state the need to change they way the think towards music or anything they are doing is necessary

They said if you what to get a quality job or you want to be unique in style, stand out of they crowd, You need to step up your game.
You need to work hard and spend money for quality production. Fresh beat , fresh song with a unique style and also spend money in promoting the song. an upcoming artist can save money to pay producer like young john pheelz etc for beat but without a good promotion on Blog and radio station that will sell you out else your money will be west.

Understanding music is an important factor to consider when starting a music carrier. ask question
-What is Music?
-Know your genre
-know the rules of the game
-know how this guys up there are doing it.

“Music is a business”
” A game for those that knows how to play it” -Jr immanuel

Others include
1.Hit the headlines (Controversy)
Denrele once said “Good publicity is good publicity. Bad publicity is good publicity. No publicity is bad publicity”. Being in the news is key! Do whatever it takes to hit
the headlines! You got to be kidding me if you need suggestions on how to achieve this.

2. Get a slogan
You think Tonto Dike was dumb when she thought of #Poko?
We have seen artistes carve a niche for themselves with slangs that they use. Iyanya gave us “Your waist”, Durella would “Zanga” this, Dbanj is the custodian of “Kokolet, Labata, Lebete, Eja nla and so on” while Tuface never fails to remind us that “Nothin dey happen”.
You can just think of something unique and make it yours!

3. Make Yourself Official
No matter how upcoming and unknown you are, to really stand out you have to look official. Make sure to get that official look of the pros. If you look like a pro your
listeners will assume that you are a pro. It’s as simple as that. Here are some tips on how to get a more professional look: Contact a good graphic designer and
get a neat, authentic and customized logo. create official profiles on social networks for your music, i mean an official facebook fan page and twitter handle this will create a corporate identity and give you an official look. And lastly Get a good
promotional body to portray your talent for you

4. Feature a Well-Known Artiste
Getting on a track with a well-known artist makes you stand out like crazy. Most self-proclaimed upcoming artists will never do that: They are simply too afraid, don’t believe that it’s impossible and last but not least they don’t know how it’s done. This is a huge opportunity for you. Nothing will boost your credibility more than a collaboration with a medium well-known artist. There’s no doubt that this is one of the best ways to stand out. Featuring a well- known artiste is easy, we can hook you up with an artiste of your choice, just let us know when you ready

5. The best things are not for FREE!
Dont be reluctant when it comes to spending, in the present Nigerian music industry if you can’t pay the right people I’m sorry to say your music will go nowhere, OAPs, Social Media publicists, Radio/Satellite channels, Magazines, Top DJs, Top bloggers, music promotion. Companies, don’t joke with the services of those people, consult them to work for you even if it requires paying them huge amounts for the publicity you need just for you to get to the top.
You need the services of Top DJs and bloggers?

Jr immanuel _instoremusic
Credit: NaijaArtiste


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