Friday, June 23, 2017

Ice Prince is currently working on a new album & his 2016 depends heavily on it. The singer is attempting to return back to LP ways after his 2014 lukewarm project “Fire Of Zamani

The year is 2016 & Ice Prince is ready for another album.
The rapper is working on another LP “Jos To The World”, which would be his third album. Prior to that he dropped a controversial body of work, “Trash Can EP”. Which also received not-so-stellar reviews. Ice Prince ought to be the most popular rapper with a huge number of dismal reviews.
Critics hold dear the opinion that the rapper hasn’t lived up to his lyrical potential, as he chooses to find sanctuary in pop sounds, than rap tracks. And when he does go down that route, he comes out as unsatisfactory.

This year, Ice Prince has two singles out ‘Seasons’ & ‘No mind them’ with both songs failing to capture mass attention. The singer has always had little difficulty with that.
His songs spark like wild fire, entering the B-list hit. But this year, none of that has worked. Ice Prince even had personal fodder for some inspiration. His girlfriend Maima, was accused of cheating on him. The ensuing public backlash
& memes are enough to inspire new music. It did inspire, but a mild effort on ‘No mind them a song helmed by Mr Kamera.

Ice Prince needs a hit. The rapper/singer is working hard at
setting up his record label, signing acts & establishing a
platform that will not only take care of his big business, but
also be enough to produce other functional stars from raw
artistes with just talent & hard work. His affiliation to
Chocolate City is in doubt, with many unconfirmed reports speculating that he has left Chocolate City. The rapper last year gradually withdrew ties to Chocolate City, with Super
Cool Cats being his personal imprint. However, nothing has been said officially from both camps.

Ice Prince has already began to work on his new project. The
album is titled “Jos To The World”. Expectations are high for the singer. The most iconic photograph in the Nigerian
entertainment industry has Ice Prince & Jay Z, side by side, having a moment. So also, the rapper is being branded
as a boss, who is worthy of an executive position at Choc City, & runs his personal record label. An album from this man has to tick all the right boxes, & propel him into the next phase of his career.
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