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Tue, Jul 25, 2017

In an interview with iMusic team the First Edition (season 1) We got DANITTO in an online interview where He talks about his album which is coming soon title Found in Time and how he started and also talked about featuring artist within the state. Read more

iMusic : Good Day We are hONOURED to have you here on iMusic

iMusic: sir what’s the name?

Danitto: David john

iMusic: Do u have a stage name?And what do you do for and living?

Danitto: Danitto

iMusic: How did you come about the stage name “DANITTO”?

Danitto: Through my surname (David) which reps the DA And my football nick name Nani Which stands for nitto

iMusic: when did you start your Music career????

Danitto: 2009

iMusic: So what inspire you to start Music as a career??

Danitto: I grew up to realize that music is life So I want to put that in individuals, so that how I got inspired… And also the album #talk about it by M.I got me inspired too.

iMusic: What kind of Music do u do?

Danitto: HipHop

iMusic: Ok so are you sign to any recording Label? If yes Tell us more about your label and those on the label?

Danitto: Not sign to any

iMusic: But how about FOG or is just one of your Slang???

Danitto: FOG is what I started, ideally it started as a name which I wanted giving to album So along the line, I set it up to serve as a label, cos i got Suspi on it, but he’s still bear sup-nation Although the struggle was not easy, but it turn out to be lesson learnt, cos in the state and close by States FOG is one of the best crew, if I might use the word to mention few, that how it come about.

iMusic: Are you working on a project now or How many project have u been on? Or should your Fans except something later from you?? And what did FOG stand for???

Danitto: Am currently working on my mixtape album #FoundInTime which HipHop should be the watch full Which have made it known to my fans and well wishers already And after that my ep drops But am mute for the ep now And FOG stand for Fear of God.

iMusic: Why did you pick the name fear of God and not something else????

Danitto: Cos i leant it is the beginning of wisdom, and since I got love on for God, so I decided to let people know.

iMusic: Of Recent on your facebook you posted something and I quote from the track list you posted “If you wanna get featured on my mixtape album #FoundInTime (F.I.T). Goto my timeline, choose the track title which is ok for u, and let me know “. Why did you ask artist to choose a track that they will feature you on it????

Danitto: I love this specific question, Let me be honest with you Am one of the known and recognize artist in the state So there other artist are doing well, but are not known to the public What I don’t get to benefit from people who started before me And want people I started after to benefit from it Cos am a Gee who got love for every artist within and beyond the state. Once I get to feature them on my mixtape, they will be recognition. And that will make me an O_Gee. I want talents to be known in the states also, cos there are a lot of artist doing even well than am doing, so I want to let it known to the people that we got talents in the states, That why i want to feature them.

iMusic: Its great to have an artist love every other artist around and to also see the artist progress in this journey of life.

iMusic: Can you through more light on your Mixtape album. What should we be Expecting from it and from You.

Danitto: I was known as an HipHop art But along the line, I was doing something different, jumping on different kind of beat But #truthBeTold, what yo u should expect from this mixtape is nothing apart from HipHop 100% Cos that what am working on presently And expect good music from #Danitto #LAfinest and my aim is to put my city on the world map

iMusic: wow. in the next three(3) to five (5) years, Where do you See yourself?

Danitto: Hahaha (Danitto laughing) will be mute on this, cos all i know about life is either u get down with the advantages of life or u get cut off with life disadvantages. In addition if this music is not my calling, then it has to be on a different base which I dont know, cos is all about dream chasing.. But if am destined for the music, in 3 to 5years time I will be some where up high in the game doing bigger things than it was now

iMusic: What do you want to tell your fans out their reading this now. And do you want to say a shout out to anyone out there????

Danitto: The song nigga we made it, says something about it Am sending shout out to my parents and siblings, including the entire family of FOG, and artist around an d beyond the state and am not keeping aside my girlfriend.

iMusic: Its been Great Having a wonderful time with You. We are grateful to You for your time. We Pray God bless your Hustle and take you high.

You have heard all from the horses mouth. So fans, family and friends watch out for #foundInTime #F.I.T. #Danitto #teamFOG

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