Danitto Leaves #teamFOG (fear of God) to start #Dreamchasingent. | Instoremusic
Sat, Jul 22, 2017

#teamFOG has being one of the recent, Fast growing Music group in Nasarawa state, Lafia Nigeria. Danitto who found/start the music group and co-found with Suspi before the coming of Boy billah bhangz and the signing of Dj starboi to the music group. The music industry in the state has witness 360 non stop of music by the group. They ended last year with an Xmas show and early this year; 1st of January 2017, they started the new year with a show tag NEW YEAR DOINGs, But after their January show, instoremusic team has gather that Danitto in recent time has being posting on his facebook time-line with their style of ending post with a hash tag with #teamFOG.

Danitto has seize to end most of his post with #teamFOG but replace it with #teamDanitto #foundinTime #trueBetold

Here are recent post of danitto on His facebook Time-line with the hash tag #truthBetold #Lafinest #Danitto

“I just wanna stay away, far from sin, but this bad feelings kept coming of me!!! God into thy hands I commit myself”.

“I fuck with the lights, and thet why am looking bright.#foundintime.

“I can’t take another brother’s girl straight to bed…Good morning world #FoundinTime #Lafinest

“This is ur moment, but I own it now, watch me shine!!!! #composure #someboyzshit

“If u don’t have love n respect 4ur fellow artist, forget it u ain’t going far, learn to be humble from Job cozzy David #truthBetold.

I don’t even care about their existence, but they want me to notice them… Don’t know why they doing this. #truthBeTold

His team mates have also react in different ways.

Suspi one of the lead act has not say or posted much compare to IQ. suspi has maintain most of His end post with hash tag #teamFOG but has added a little to it by adding #teamFOG #team5050 #teamsonic and OTB which I guess is the New record label SONIC MUSIC

BOY Billah BHange posted on facebook time line on the 13th january 2017
“I know you guys will be wondering why the teamFOG/teamSonic/team5050
And who they are huh?
No worries we gon leak it out someday
No issues
#suspi#jossie Chris #djstarboi#iQ Billa Bangz
#Link up

Here IQ did not mention his team mate Danitto in his post on facebook
IQ has also change his facebook hash tags recently to #teamFOG #teamSonic

Danitto talks about his upcoming album #foundinTime with instoreMusic team about some weeks Back; when he was asked if he was sign to any recording Label? And If yes he should Talk more about the label and those on the label?
His Response was quite questionable??? His respond was: Not sign to any?

But when we (instoremusic team) push further, by asking if he was still a part of FOG or is just one his Slang??? He response was that he stated FOG, and that ideally he wanted it to be a name of his album but along the line, he set it up to serve as a label, which he said he got Suspi on it, but he’s still bear sup-nation he said Although the struggle was not easy, but it turn out to be lesson learnt, cos in the state and close by States FOG is one of the best crew. Now you can also notice he did not mention IQ or Dj starboi in his chat with us

New record deal might be unveil weekend… Cos Lagos the fucking location on Friday…

Danitto shared with his fan about his lagos trip and I guess it was successful. When He came back he unveil his new record label with this post

Soon the logo gon be out, watch me start something new for the love I got for HipHop…..

Others include

Some times I think I think too much, then I
decide to stop thinking about thinking, in other
not to get paranoid…

When I look back on my Life, i see pains, mistakes and heart ache. But when I look at the mirror, I see strength, learned lesson and Pride in myself.
All i see is success from afar tryna get down with me this 2k17
Gud morning world

If you hate me, you better start learning on how to love me, because my success can make you commit suicide… #thisYear I’m still mute

Looking straight to the future… What do you expect from a nigga serving Nigeria… Am fucking winning this year.

On 28th january Danitto took to his time-line and posted
Top 10 countdown begins tomorrow,
and that is for Niggas I respect and on number two this is what he wrote;

#2. Aklo Suspi & Shaibu IQ
Hehehehehe, FOG wey una dey hear about, na this guys be the secret of the FOG o… This brothers thought me how to rap, how to sing, how to get down with life of the street… I heart this niggas from day 1. I pray and wish them good health, more blessings, record deals, plenty money as yung6ix talk am, and all in this year. They never expect to see such, but let it be known to ya’ll that I heart them… Got this dudes to be featured in any project am doing… I love you guys and God bless you all… I no dey use dem play o..I present to you with gratitude and love daga zuchiya na…
Itz Suspi
BOy Billah Bhangz

From His (Danitto) post on facebook
It shows that Danitto is no longer a part of #teamFOG and he has started a new recording act tag Dream chasing ent. Secondly His fans will like to know the truth Danitto is talking about? also what is the issue between Him and his teammate? I guess this is the question on His fans mind and even more.

Drop you question, comment and view on this issue and if you are His Fan, the question is should Danitto leave #teamFOG and start #Dreamchasingent.

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